10 Interesting Facts About the Terminator Movies


The Terminator series has enjoyed a roller-coaster ride among fans like us over the last three decades. Here are 10 facts from the series that will help us all appreciate the series a little more.

Schwarzenegger didn't want to say his iconic line "I'll be back." Cameron, thankfully, refused to change it.

The studio Orion originally wanted to cast O.J. Simpson in the role of the Terminator.

Schwarzenegger was originally considered for the role of Kyle Reese, the soldier sent back from the future to protect Connor.

Producers forced Cameron to consider a robot dog as Reese's companion.

Schwarzenegger Got Paid $21,429 Per Word Spoken In Terminator 2. "Hasta la vista, baby" alone was worth $85,716.

Terminator Salvation was supposed to be the first in a new trilogy.

According to James Cameron, the idea for the Terminator came to him in a nightmare while he was directing the little known budget horror movie Piranha II: The Spawning.

The gas station the Terminator stops at for gas in Terminator 3 is the same one from the previous two films.

At the time of filming, Terminator 2 was the most expensive film of all time with a budget of $100 million.

Vin Diesel, Shaquille O'Neal, Famke Janssen, Carrie Anne Moss, Jeri Ryan, and Chyna were supposedly in the running for the T-X in Terminator: Rise of the Machines before Kristanna Loken was cast.