10 Interesting Facts About Ice Hockey


When a sport has been around as long as hockey, there are bound to be plenty of interesting facts, legends and stories surrounding it. Here are just a few interesting facts and figures about the game we love.

Kris Draper was traded for just $1 in 1993 to Detroit Red Wings. Thus, he began his reputation as the “One Dollar Man” and went on to win four Stanley Cups for Detroit.

Jarome Iginla donates $2,000 to the children’s charity Kidsport for every goal he scores. Since 2000, he has added more than $700,000.

In 1930 World Ice Hockey Championship, the Canadian team was considered so dominant that it did not participate in the knock-out tournament. Canada was right away put into the final game and the tournament was played to determine an opponent. Canada won.

Even if Wayne Gretzky had never scored a single goal, he would still have more points than any other past or present hockey player. He had more career assists than any other player has total points.

The Slovakian women’s hockey team qualified for the 2010 Olympics by beating Bulgaria 82-0. They later lost to team Canada in Vancouver 18-0.

In USSR, bears were trained and forced to play ice hockey as part of circus performance.

Two of the greatest hockey players of all time, Mario Lemieux and Patrick Roy were born on the same day only 124 miles apart.

Doctors in British Columbia are banned from talking about hockey during surgery.

NHL does not own the Stanley Cup and any hockey team could potentially challenge for the trophy in the event of a season-long lockout.

If both NHL goalies are injured, the team can literally choose any available goalie to suit up and play and this includes fans.