8 Facts about Tattoos


Did you know that the word “tattoo” can be traced back to the Polynesian noun tatau, which means “puncture, mark made on skin”? Keep on reading to learn more.

Urine was sometimes used to mix tattoo color.

After the Lindbergh baby was kidnapped in 1932, many worried parents had their children tattooed.

The most painful areas to tattoo are over the bone such as the ankle, collarbone, chest, ribs, and spine.

Rarely, some tattoo ink can contain metal. These tattoos may cause pain during an MRI or even affect the MRI results.

Three dots between the thumb and forefinger prove gang membership among the Latino population of U.S. prisons.

The most famous of all criminal tattoos are worn by the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. They wear intricate and traditional designs in a full body suit that can be hidden entirely from view by clothes .

Stone sculptures in China from the 3rd century B.C. depict men wearing tattoos on their faces.

The most tattooed man in the world is Gregory Paul McLaren (1971), also known as Lucky Diamond Rich. He is 100% tattooed, including the inside of his foreskin, mouth, and ears