9 GTA 5 Facts You Probably Didn't Know


Did you know that the actress who played Aunt Vivian in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air plays Aunt Denise in GTA 5. She shows quite a bit of range as she's playing a completely different character. You'll find more interesting facts about GTA 5 below.

GTA 5 Features Over 1000 Uses Of The F-Word & C-Word

The famous bikini model girl in GTA 5 isn't based on Lindsay Lohan, but rather model Shelby Welinder.

Japanese magazine Famitsu gave GTA 5 a perfect score 40/40. The only other game to earn a perfect score is Skyrim.

The colors worn by two gangs in GTA 5 are based on Edinburgh-based football clubs, where Rockstar North comes from, not real-world gangs.

The rapper Young Maylay who plays CJ in San Andreas and Shawn Fonteno, who plays Franklin in GTA 5 are actually cousins in real life.

Rockstar hired real gangsters to voice the members of gangs in GTA 5 to add an air of authenticity to the game. The gangsters even provided some of their own lines.

The rundown desert town, Sandy Shores, was inspired by inspired by Bombay Beach, a failed attempt at a desert oasis town in Southern California.

Rockstar wanted to include several playable characters in GTA San Andreas but were unable to due to the technical limitations of the time. In GTA V, they were finally able to achieve this.

At $270 million to create, GTA V is the most expensive video game of all time.