10 Fun Fact About NASA Part 3


More interesting facts about NASA!
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In 2008 NASA worked with Speedo to create the most drag resistant swimsuit ever. It was so successful that swimmers were actually banned from using it in many competitions.

Since the Space Shuttle electronics were so outdated and nobody made them anymore, NASA actually resorted to buying spare parts on websites like eBay

NASA's goal is to have humans on Mars by some point in the 2030s

Cape Canaveral in Florida was chosen as a launch site because its proximity to the equator gives it more linear velocity than any other location in the United States.

Space shuttle Endeavour was built using spare parts from Discovery and Atlantis.

The toaster in your kitchen contains a more powerful computer than the one used by NASA to send astronauts to the moon.

In 2006 NASA scientists discovered a strange noise in deep space that was several times louder than anything they would expect. To this day they do not know what it was and it has been dubbed the "Space Roar."

Shuttle Enterprise was initially to be named Constitution, but fans of the TV show Star Trek ran a successful write-in campaign to change the name.

NASA has a plan if astronauts “Lose It,” and that plan is to tie them up with duct tape.

George Aldrich has worked for NASA for over 40 years, and his job is to smell things. This is to ensure that there are no unpleasant smells on ISS and the shuttle. Oh and his nose also gets calibrated and tested every four months.