10 Interesting Facts About Mission Impossible Movies


For nearly 20 years, Tom Cruise has continued to find ways to shock fans and drop jaws with his Mission: Impossible movies. Here are some of the most interesting Mission Impossible film facts.

In Mission Impossible, while filming the famous scene in which Tom Cruise drops from the ceiling and hovers inches above the ground, Cruise's head kept hitting the floor until he got the idea to put coins in his shoes for balance.

The first movie is the only Mission: Impossible film that doesn't feature any shootouts or gunfights. Ethan Hunt never even fires a gun in the first film.

Mission: Impossible was the first film to be released in over 3,000 movie theaters in the USA.

In Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, Tom Cruise really performed the sequence where Ethan Hunt scales the outside of the Burj Khalifa tower, without the use of a stunt double.

Mission: Impossible has a very specific series trademark. In every single film, someone is suspended by a cable when breaking into a location.

Tom Cruise was actually hanging from the outside of a plane for Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation.

Tom Cruise and Ving Rhames are the only actors who appear in every single Mission: Impossible films.

Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol is the only film of the series where the lighting of a fuse is part of the opening sequence instead of being used as a separation between scenes.

Apple paid $15 million to have their personal computers in the first Mission: Impossible movie.

Viral marketing ploys for Mission: Impossible III were consistently mistaken for bombs.