8 Secrets On Plastic Surgery Most People Don't Know


Surgeons can reshape the appearance of body parts through plastic surgery. It can make a person to look completely different. These are some of the secrets of plastic surgery.

The most popular cosmetic procedures for teenagers were laser hair removal, nose reshaping, laser treatment of leg veins, and laser skin resurfacing.

5.2 million of 5.7 million cosmetic procedures for people aged 40 to 54 years were minimally invasive.

The origin of the "Plastic Surgery". "Plastic" is derived from the Greek "plastikos", meaning "to mold or shape." The term "surgery" is derived from the Greek kheirourgos, from kheir - "hand" + ergon - "work."

Women made up 91% of all plastic surgery procedures in 2011, and men accounting for 9% of the total procedures.

In the early Renaissance, many Plastic Surgery procedures were performed in barber shops.

The most popular non-invasive procedure is Botox, which is a protein derived from the botulism toxin.

People between the age of 35-50 have the most Plastic Surgery, accounting for 44% of the total.

Two-thirds of Plastic Surgery patients are repeat patients.