10 Things You Don't Know About The Lord of the Rings


The Lord of the Rings is the sixth-highest grossing franchise ever. Both books and films have defined and redefined fantasy over the years. We have 10 facts about the franchise that you definitely don't know.

Sam Gamgee, professional gardener, is only seen gardening once, in the Extended Edition opening section "Concerning Hobbits."

In his Fellowship cameo, Peter Jackson is holding a carrot because the pipe he tried to smoke made him feel sick.

In The Silmarillion, Sauron has an even scarier, even more powerful boss called Morgoth.

In The Lord of the Ring, the reason the eagles don't just fly everyone to Mount Doom because "the eagles are their own race and do things for their own reasons." Also, Tolkien didn't like them to be seen as "Middle-Earth taxis."

The Balrog, like Gandalf, is a Maiar spirit, but a corrupted one. Fierce debate rages over whether Balrogs have wings. The film's Balrog does.

Some of Legolas' arrows are CG because Orlando Bloom couldn't fire them fast enough - which just goes to show that elves are better than humans.

Gandalf's sword Glamdring doesn't glow in the Mines of Moria battle scene because, Peter Jackson says, of "budget cuts."

Brad Dourif had to shave off his eyebrows for his role as Wormtongue. Over two years of going back and forth to set, he had to shave them five times.

20,000 cricket fans provided the voices of the Uruk-hai in Helm's Deep.

The Black Gate in The Lord of the Rings is shown as two gates because of a typo in the script given to the art department.