10 Fun Facts About Power Rangers.


Lionsgate announced plans recently for a rebooted Power Rangers movie, which makes it the perfect time to revisit the series' quirkiest trivia bits. These Power Rangers facts will blade-blast your brain.

America’s Power Rangers were based on the Beast Rangers of the Dinosaur Corps a popular Japanese show.

It took seven years to make Power Ranger happened in the West. Fox Children’s Network eventually took on the project.

The Green Ranger wasn't supposed to stick around. He was to appear only in a few episodes.

The exterior of Zordon’s lair (the Power Ranger's command center) is actually a building at the American Jewish University in Simi Valley, California.

Much like its Japanese inspiration, Power Rangers spawned many iterations. There are 20 series of the American version of Power Rangers ... so far.

Power Rangers was banned in many countries. Even the series' clothing and merchandise was banned at one pre-school in New York.

Bryan Cranston voiced two different villians in 1993 Power Ranger episodes.

In 2014, a former Power Ranger stuntman used his skills for robbing homes. Authorities dubbed him “Spider-Man” upon his capture.

Because of complaints from parents that the Power Rangers were too violent, the Rangers’ Blade Blasters were holstered in their belts most of Season 2.

The original Blue Ranger quit the show due to harassment.