10 Fun Facts About Drones


While everyone is freaking out about Amazon's plan to unleash an army of delivery drones on the world, it's important to remember that these flying robots can do much more than just move packages. We give you some fun facts about drones.

The first “armed” drones were built to get Osama bin Laden.

There could be 30,000 drones overhead in the U.S. by 2020

The Air Force has 65,000 – 70,000 people working to process all of the data and footage it’s currently collecting from drones.

Since the space program is now on a death watch, cape Canaveral is now a drone base.

You can rent a drone as cheap as $30 a day in New York.

The entire U.S.-Mexico border has been patrolled by drones for the past three years.

Police departments across the country are buying drones that they can use for surveillance and related activity.

Earlier 2015, paparazzi used a drone to clear the walls of a Swiss estate to snap photos of Tina Turner's wedding with Erwin Bach.

Domino's Pizza turned some heads earlier this year when they posted a video of a drone delivering a pizza.

Stefen Riegebauer devised a system whereby drones could deliver defibrillators to heart attack victims much faster than it would take an ambulance to get there.