10 Interesting Facts About Hong Kong


Hong Kong is a popular tourist destination in southeastern Asia, with a mixture of Eastern and Western cultural influences. We have some interesting facts about Hong Kong for you here.

Hong Kong has one of the world’s most efficient subway systems with a 99.9% on-time rate and the entire system is manage via an AI.

In 2012, a Hong Kong billionaire offered $65 million to any man able to woo and marry his lesbian daughter.

Not only does Hong Kong have gigabit internet, but they have it for $26 a month.

There is a 2,600-foot covered escalator in Hong Kong that helps people commute up and down the large hills in the city.

Hong Kong uses seawater to flush toilets.

There are no restrictions in Hong Kong on selling alcohol to minors.

The Tsing Ma Bridge, with a main span of 1,377 metres, is the longest suspension bridge with both rail and road traffic in the world, 100m longer than San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

In Hong Kong, a License to operate a taxi costs HK$7.66 million (US$987,600).

China has the right to absorb Hong Kong in 2047, and Macau in 2049, into China proper.

In 2003, Hong Kong ran a tourism campaign with the slogan “It will take your breath away.” This was during the height of the SARS epidemic.