10 Fun Facts About Chess


Chess long history and dynamic nature have produced many chess players around the world. Here are 10 of the most interesting facts about chess.

The longest chess game ever was I.Nikolic - Arsovic, Belgrade 1989, which ended in 269 moves. The game was a draw.

Kirk and Spock have played chess three times on the show Star Trek. Kirk won all three games.

The word "Checkmate" in Chess comes from the Persian phrase "Shah Mat," which means "the King is dead."

The Police raided a Chess Tournament in Cleveland in 1973, arrested the Tournament director and confiscated the Chess sets on charges of allowing gambling (cash prizes to winners) and possession of gambling devices (the Chess sets).

Rookies or, players in their first year, are named after the Rook in Chess. Rooks generally are the last pieces to be moved into action, and the same goes for Rookies.

The second book ever printed in the English language was about chess!

The youngest Chess Master was Jordy Mont-Reynaud at 10 years, 7 months (1994). The oldest player to become a Chess Master was Oscar Shapiro, at age 74.

Russia has the most chess grandmasters of any other country, totaling 156 GMs. Germany is second with 61 and the United States trails with 60.

Chess is called the game of kings, because for many centuries it was played primarily by nobility and the upper classes.

The first chess game played between space and earth was on June 9, 1970 by the Soyuz-9 crew which ended in a draw.