10 Fun Facts About Bleach


Bleach is among the best-selling manga in both Japan and the United States. Are you a Bleach fan? I bet you don't know the following facts about Bleach.

Rukia was the first character created in the Bleach series. She was made when Kubo felt like drawing a Shinigami in a Kimono.

Ulquiorra was the first Arrancar Kubo created.

When Kubo was in elementary school he was fascinated by designs and architecture. Kubo designed all pieces of clothing in Bleach around what he would like to buy, Ichigo's shirts have even been manufactured and sold as real products in the shop "Urahara Soten" in Tokyo.

Masaki's English voice actress, Ellyn Stern is married to Zangetsu's English voice actor, Richard Epcar which is kind of ironic as just when Misaki was revealed to have been a Quincy, Zangetsu was revealed to be a personification of Ichigo's Quincy powers taking the image of Yhwach 1000 years ago.

Bambietta got the nickname "Bastardbine" because of her notorious cruelty.

Tite Kubo received thousands of letters regarding Ulquiorra's death, he never declared whether or not Ulquiorra was actually dead.

Evangelion and Bleach both have the same composer, Shiroh Sagisu.

Chad is very popular with Mexicans unsurprisingly considering he's half-Mexican.

It was a popular fan theory for years that Masaki was a Quincy which would explain her ability to see ghosts and Isshin and Ryuuken's connection. It was then actually confirmed.

In the French Bleach fandom, Hitsugaya is known as "La Crevette" meaning "The Shrimp" obviously referencing his height.