7 Interesting Facts About Perfume


Who doesn’t love smelling fabulous? Here are 7 interesting fact about perfumes that you might want to read.

The word perfume originates from the Latin word per fumum, which means "through smoke."

To preserve perfumes, it is best to keep them in light, tight aluminium bottles and to refrigerate them at low temperatures between 3-7 Celsius.

Perfume fragrances last longer on people with oily skin because their skin has more natural moisture content to hold the fragrance.

Channel No. 5 is the company most popular perfume and one bottle is sold worldwide every 55 second.

Jean Carles, a famed French perfumer, was said to have insured his nose for one million dollars.

The most expensive perfume in the world is Clive Christian’s Imperial Majesty, priced at $215,000 for 16.9 ounces.

When testing new perfumes, avoid trying more than three in a row. Your nose will have trouble differentiating the aromas if you happen to overload.