10 Facts About The History Of Jeans


You probably wear them many times in your life. Jeans are now a very popular article of casual dress around the world. They come in many styles and colors. Here are some facts about Jeans.

The word "Jeans" came from the French phrase bleu de Gênes.

The word denim originated from the name of French town; Nîmes (de Nîmes).

For a birthday of blue jeans is considered May 20, 1873, a date when Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss and co. obtained patent for blue jeans.

Initially, Jeans were simply sturdy trousers worn by workers, especially in the factories and for cowboys during World War II.

During second world war men's jeans had the zipper down the front, whereas women's jeans had the zipper down the right side.

Jeans were known as "waist overalls" or just "overalls" till 1960 after that Levi Strauss changed it to its popular name of "jeans."

The first jeans came in two styles, indigo blue and brown cotton "duck."

Jeans were first colored with indigo because darker color better hides the dirt.

Blue jeans were banned at certain places like schools, theaters and restaurants in the '50s because they were seen as a form of rebellion against conformism.

A boutique in the New York East Village called "Limbo" was the first retailer to wash a new pair of jeans to get a used, worn effect. It became new fashion hit.