10 Cool Facts About Baseball


Baseball is America's pastime and has seen its share of interesting occurrences and just plain goofy history. It may not be the most popular sport anymore, but there is something about baseball that always captivates. Here are 10 cool things baseball fans might appreciate.

Pitcher Jim Abbott was born without a right hand and had a 10-season baseball career, including throwing a no-hitter.

Bobby Richardson won the World Series MVP in 1960 after hitting .367 with 12 RBIs - he played for the losing team.

Ralph Kiner is the only player ever to lead the league in homers for seven years in a row - his first seven years as a major league player.

In his very first at bat as a 28-year-old rookie pitcher, Hall of Famer Hoyt Wilhelm hit a home run. His career lasted for 21 more years and 493 plate appearances, but he never hit another home run.

Rickey Henderson walked 796 times in his career when he was leading off an inning.

Jimmy Piersall celebrated his 100th home run by running the bases backwards.

Don Baylor played in three straight World Series....for three different teams.

Ken Ash won a game on only one pitch.

America has only won the World Baseball Cup four times. Cuba has won it 25 times.

US Army during WWII developed a grenade that was about the same size and shape as a regular baseball making it easy to use for the American soldiers who had grown up playing baseball.