10 Fascinating Facts About Champagne


It’s funny when you think about it, Champagne is probably the only alcoholic beverage that you can drink in the morning and not be considered a raving alcoholic! Here are 10 fun facts that you may not know about Champagne.

Marilyn Monroe, at least once, took a bath in Champagne. According to her biographer, 350 bottles of Champers were used to fill up her bath tub.

In 19th century England, high society dandies thought that the best way to polish their boots was with Champagne.

In a 750ml bottle of Champagne there are 49 million bubbles… approximately.

A cork will escape a bottle of champagne at 38-40 mph.

You are more likely to be killed by a flying Champagne cork than to be killed by a poisonous spider.

In the movie adaptations James Bond drinks Champagne more than any other beverage (nearly 40 glasses and counting).

There is about 90 pounds per square inch of pressure in a bottle of Champagne. That's more than triple the pressure in an automobile tire.

The longest recorded flight of a Champagne cork is over 177 feet (54 meters).

Pol Roger, the renowned Champagne house, made a special one pint bottle of champagne for Winston Churchill to be served to him every day at 11 a.m.

The world’s most expensive champagne costs $275,000 per bottle!