10 Galactic Facts About Star Trek


Being a Star Trek fan means having to remember a lot of trivia. You can’t possibly know everything. Which is why even the most ardent fan may be unaware of these mind-blowing facts you never knew about Star Trek.

The popular line “Beam me up, Scotty,” was never said exactly in this way in the Star Trek series or films.

Lieutenant Uhura’s name means “freedom” in Swahili.

Most male Vulcan names begin with “S” and most females’ names with a “T” followed by an apostrophe.

The Borg were initially conceptualized as being insects but took on their ultimate form due to budget restraints.

In the Star Trek universe, Zefram Cochrane developed faster-than-light warp drive around 2061.

On impulse drive, it would take 400,000 years for the Enterprise to cross the galaxy

The Enterprise usually can operate safety from warp drive 1 to 9.2. Traveling at warp 10, as seen in Star Trek: Voyager, mutates humans into big salamander creatures. However, in the final episode of the preceding series TNG, “All Good Things,” Federation starships traveled at warp 13.

Star Trek (2009) director J.J. Abrams glued Zachary Quinto’s (Spock’s) fingers together so he could perfect the Vulcan salute.

Vulcans were once an extremely violent and emotional people until Surak developed a new philosophy of logic, which spawned the Vulcan Time of Awakening. Those opposed to Vulcan logic left the planet and founded colonies elsewhere, most notably the Romulan Star Empire.

Most Vulcans are vegetarians and do not touch food with their hands unless they are wearing special gloves.