10 Fun Facts About the Destiny's Child, Beyonce


Beyonce Knowles is a multi-platinum, Grammy Award-winning recording artist who's acclaimed for her thrilling vocals, videos and live shows. Here are the top 10 facts about the talented artist.

Beyonce's father used to make her run a mile while singing to build her endurance.

Beyonce lost 20 pounds in 14 days, consuming a potion made of only lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water, all for a role in Dreamgirls.

Beyonce and Jay Z talked on the phone for a year before going on their first date.

Beyonce's favourite number is 4. Her mother's birthday is January 4th, hers is September 4th and her husband's is December 4th. She also married Jay-Z on April 4th.

Beyonce was named after he mother's maiden name.

Beyonce's bodyguard once broke her toe by standing on it accidentally whilst trying to protect her from a crowd of fans.

Beyonce's pregnancy announcement earned the Guinness World Book of Records title for most tweets per second.

Jay Z once rapped that he and Beyonce had a miscarriage before Blue Ivy and she even talked about it in her documentary.

In 2010, Guinness World Records named Jay Z and Beyonce the Highest Earning Power Couple, after earning $122 million that year.

Beyonce suffered from depression for two years, but didn't share it with the media since it was around the time that DC won their Grammy.