9 Facts About The Death Penalty


Although more than 30 years have passed since the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty, the topic still sparks heated debates. We give you 9 facts about the death penalty on the US and the world.

At least 1 in 25 people sentenced to the death penalty in the U.S. are innocent.

Since 1976, when the death penalty was reinstated by the U.S. Supreme Court, 1,394 people have been executed (as of December 2014).

Possessing Bibles, watching South Korean movies and distributing pornography may be punished with death in North Korea.

China executes the death penalty more than 4 times as the rest of the world combined.

The state of Washington may still execute prisoners by hanging.

In 2005, A Chinese company used skin harvested from the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products for sale in Europe.

In Ancient Egypt, killing a cat, even accidentally, incurred the death penalty.

84% of people surveyed in Egypt are in favor of the death penalty as a punishment for abandoning Islam.

China has mobile "execution vans" to enforce the death penalty without moving to a proper execution ground.