12 Crazy Illnesses That Will Blow Your Mind


Nobody likes being sick. These illnesses below will make your normal cold feel as a blessing.

Alien Hand Syndrome: This is a neurological disorder where a person's hand appears to take on a mind of its own.

Trimethylaminuria: A metabolic disorder that makes a person smell like day-old fish. There is no known cause or treatment.

Dysgeusia: This disorder distorts a person's sense of taste.

Dyschronometria: This disorder makes people unable to accurately estimate the amount of time that has passed.

Mary Hart seizures: Former Entertainment Tonight show host Mary Hart would sometimes cause epileptic seizures in her viewers just because of her voice.

Rapunzel Syndrome: For some reason, these people are compelled to eat their own hair, which can be extremely damaging to their digestive system. It can get bound up so badly, it could kill a person.

Exploding Head Syndrome: This sleep disorder causes people to hear loud bangs in their head, as if bombs were going off.

Laugh Syncope: This is the tendency to laugh so hard, it makes you pass out.

Lisztomania: This is an intense hysteria that was first used to describe fans of famous pianist Franz Liszt during his performances. A more modern example would be Beatlemania.

Parry Romberg Syndrome: This condition causes half of a person's face to shrink, causing an asymmetrical appearance.

Human Werewolf Syndrome: This condition, known as hypertrichosis, causes people to grow hair all over their bodies. There are only about 50 people in the world with the condition.

Burning Mouth Syndrome: This is a condition where a person would feel a burning sensation on the roof of their mouth, with no apparent underlying cause.