8 Scientific Explanations For Human Behaviors


Some of us are freaking weirdos. Here are a few explanations on how some of us behave the way we do. Maybe, you'll learn something about yourself along the way.

Gentlemen prefer blondes because blondes are likely to have light skin which will more noticeably show physical defects. So they can more easily see how healthy their offspring will be.

Some people have cheating gene called RS3 334.

Hugging is linked to the release of Oxytocin, a hormone responsible for attachment and trust.

Our pineal gland produces a hormone that made us asleep. It doesn’t understand artificial light so we feel tired at night.

In 2000, a married man had a tumor the size of an egg growing in his brain, pressing on his prefrontal cortex. He suddenly developed a severe pornography addiction and pedophilic thoughts accompanied by excruciating headaches.

When people are being watched, they behave better. And the illusion of being watched works, too. It was enough to hang a picture of human eyes in a self-service cafeteria, so that more people began to collect their dishes.

Attractive and honest appearance can easily be misleading. People tend to trust appearance more than sincerity.

Anger increases the desire of possession in people. People make more efforts to obtain the object that is associated with angry faces.