10 Interesting Facts About Mario


Mario is perhaps the most popular video game mascot of all time. Surely we know everything about him, right? Wrong! There are tons of hidden factoids about Mario and his games. Find our more below.

The Starman was the first Mario power-up to have eyes. Every other power-up in the original Super Mario Bros. was blind.

Birdo is transgendered. The original manual for Super Mario Bros. 2 states rather clearly that Birdo is guy who thinks he is a girl.

Mario was originally a carpenter, not a plumber.

Bowser’s fireball is backwards.

The clouds and bushes in Super Mario Bros use the same sprite.

Nintendo wanted Mario to ride a dinosaur in the NES days.

If you try really, really, really hard, you can, in fact, jump over the flagpole in the original Super Mario Bros. without ending the level.

Mario was originally going to ride a rocket and carry guns.

The sound of getting hit and going down a pipe are also the same. If you think they are different, it's just your brain playing trick on you.

The power-up mushrooms found within the Mario franchise actually exist in reality and are commonly known as the Fly Agaric or officially as the Amanita Muscaria.