10 Facts About Guinea Pigs


Guinea pigs are some of the cutest and best pets that you could have. If you are looking for some fun and interesting facts about guinea pigs to help with a homework project or maybe you are just really interested in them, then here are 10 Fun Facts About Guinea Pigs to get you started.

Guinea Pigs are not pigs but, rather, rodents. They are also not from Guinea; they originated in the Andes.

The guinea pig was domesticated as early as 5000 B.C. in South America as a source of food.

Male guinea pigs are called boars, females are referred to as sows, and young ones are called pups.

If a female guinea pig is uninterested in a male during courtship, she will sometimes squirt a jet of urine at the persistent male.

If a female guinea pig does not give birth before she is 6 months old, her pubic bones will fuse.

Baby guinea pigs are born ready for the world. They are born with their eyes open and are covered in fur.

Guinea pigs typically live about 4 or 5 years, though they may live up to 8.

An online store based in Japan called Guinea Pig Fashion sells guinea clothes, including wedding dresses, tank tops, hats, and hair extensions.

Guinea pigs are allergic to penicillin

Guinea pigs always march in single file, with the largest guinea pig at the front and the young protected in the middle