7 Fun Facts About Sleep


We spend about one-third of our life asleep. We'd like to share you some fantastic facts about sleep.

Research shows you'll sleep better during a new moon and worse during a full moon, although the reasons are unclear.

It is possible for people to take catnaps with their eyes open and be entirely unaware of it.

If you can fall asleep within less than five minutes of lying down, you may be suffering from sleep deprivation.

Before Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, people slept approximately 10 hours a night. Today, Americans sleep about 6.9 hours a night during weeknights and 7.5 hours each night on weekends.

Narcoleptics can experience sudden "sleep attacks" that occur at any moment. This disease is believed to affect 293,000 people in the U.S.

We are the only mammal that willingly delay sleep.

Scientists still don't know - and probably never will - if animals dream during REM sleep, as humans do.

You're less likely to have a traffic accident when daylight savings time ends. Statistics show that the extra hour of sleep reduces accidents.

Sleeping on the job is less of a problem in Japan. Companies may accept it as a sign of exhaustion from overwork.

Today, 75 percent of us dream in color. Before color TV, just 15 of us did.